Star lower wind deflectors

I was considering purchasing the Star lower wind deflectors for my '07 Tourer (model 5S7-F83MO-SO-00). I have a Cobra engine guard already installed (model 01-1245) and was wondering if the lowers will attach with the Cobra engine guard installed. Any input is greatly appreciated! Called Star Motorcycles and was told that their compatiable with the Star Big Bar engine guard, but couldn't guarantee they will work with the Cobra guard.

Star lowers

I installed star lowers on my 2009 1300 with a cobra highway bar. They were a special order from yamaha and I waited 3 months to get them. They had to be modified to fit. The plastic panels had to be cut to fit as they hit the bars at full turn. I wont know how they work till spring. It wasnt a hard modification, but if others say different brands fit better i would have gone that route if I had known. Good luck and ride safe. Pete


Save your money and go for HD lowers about $79 part # 58121-85 B or 58125-90 B one has cut outs for guards.
Go to search box and search lowers.
Hope this is helpful, Raymond

Thanks for the info Ray. The

Thanks for the info Ray. The HD lowers were easy to install and works great. The lowers do hit the engine guard slightly at full turn, but has never hit during normal riding. Thanks again George

I am in agreement with Raymond

I have the HD great, simple to a search for my complete instructions.

Paul Johnson
'09 1300 Tourer

Raymond, you are right....

I've had both styles and the HD lowers are far superior. My first set of lowers were home made, copied exactly from the Buck's design. Worked well but I decided to trade them for the HD ones. First of all, I liked the chrome look much better after seeing some of them on other 1300's then when I got them on I couldn't believe the difference in performance. Sorry, Buck's but for my buck the HD lowers are just the way to go for both looks and performance. Way cheaper, too!


HD lowers that work with Cobra highway bar...

Do you know specifically which HD lower has the cutout for the cobra highway bar?

HD wind deflectors with cutouts

#58125-90B --- available at Amazon for just under $60.


Realizing there are other choices out there, if you're looking for that style of lowers, Buck's Lowers will fit with Cobra engine guards if you request from Buck the panels that are made specifically for them. They and the Harley style lowers seem to be the most often found lowers on our bikes. It's a matter of one's personal taste as it pertains to their appearance and sometimes also the cost involved, but many here definitely favor one brand over the other, and vise versa. If interested, and, for example, ....(corrected link, also added: these are the HD lowers at $62 and at a few other places they're just under $60. You don't need to pay more)

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What`s needed to mount those

What`s needed to mount those J&P Cycle ones to a Vstar 1300?

Attaching the HD lowers

One additional hole needs to be drilled into each lower in order to secure them properly to the windshield support bracket, nothing more.

Morg, I am

Morg , I am using the Memphis Shades "Big Shot" shield on my Vstar1300 along with their quick release mounting hardware. Are you talking about a stock shield when you are saying to drll the hole? Wonder if this will mount to my set up? Jim

Stock winshield

I am 99% sure Morg is talking about the stock shield. If you have something other than a Star shield you might have to consider alternatives. I switched to a MS Batwing and ended up making a set of lowers that attached to the forks. You do not have to spend a ton of money on commercial lowers if you have a few tools. Cutting the polycarbonate sheet is probably the hardest part.

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