xvs 1300 engine problem

Hi all, anybody got an idea on this. my xvs 1300 has never missed a beat in 11,000 miles until now. got the bike out for a ride and it wouldn't start, tried several times and had to give it some throttle in the end to get it going and when it did, there was a loud rattle from the engine so i stopped it. the bike is still under warranty so i got my dealer to pick it up and guess what, they said they couldn't find a thing wrong with it, so, any thoughts on this would be helpful, thanks eggar, from wet and windy england

Maybe Flooded

If you by chance hit the throttle during startup you may have flooded the engine. Just a guess.

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did you every have the valves done sound it is the valves

Latest update, bike is

Latest update, bike is running fine now, the dealer thought the problem was water in the fuel ? yamaha uk advice thought maybe cam chain tensioner, so watch this space ! cheers all